Ali's Albums 2024
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Drastic Measures




Live at Rockpalast


Heavy Boots

Live USA

Damn Yankees

Don't Tread

Daryl Hall & John Oates

ay no digas

Days of the New

Ooh Las Vegas

In Concert '72 (2012 Mix)

Deep Purple in Rock


Machine Head

Made In Japan

"Who Do We Think We Are"



Come Taste The Band

This Time Around - Live In Tokyo '75

Slaves And Masters

Singles A's & B's

Live In Japan

The Battle Rages On...

Come Hell Or High Water

On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat


The Collection


Knocking At Your Back Door

Days May Come And Days May Go


Rapture Of The Deep

Live 1974

Live in Stuttgart

Live In London 1974

Live at Montreux and In Concert

Phoenix Rising

Live in Paris 1975

NOW What?!

Live in Copenhagen 1972

Perfect Strangers LIVE

Live in Stockholm 1970

Live in Graz 1975

...To The Rising Sun In Tokyo

Live in Long Beach 1971

Live in Long Beach 1976

From the Setting Sun... In Wacken


From The Setting Sun (In Wacken)... To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo)


On Through The Night


Hold On To The Dream

Night Of The Demon

The Plague

British Standard Approved

Heart Of Our Time


One Helluva Night


Spaced Out Monkey

Music That You Wanna Hear

A Broken Frame

Live in Berlin Soundtrack

Midsummer's Night

Blade Runner

tattooed millionaire

Accident Of Birth

Dido Live

No Angel

Life For Rent

Random Acts Of Liberation

Sacred Heart "The DVD"

Holy Diver

Holy Diver

The Last In Line

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart

Dio's Inferno - The Last In Live

Evil Or Divine

Holy Diver - Live

Dio At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987

Live USA

Dire Straits


Making Movies

Love Over Gold


Brothers In Arms

Money For Nothing

On Every Street

On The Night

Live 1978-1992

Tooth And Nail

Under Lock And Key

Back For The Attack

Beast From The East

Breaking The Chains

Un Mondo Perfetto Tour Edition

Madmen And Sinners

The New Dance Orchestra/Vox Humana

The Broadcast Collection 1993 -1999

When Dream And Day Unite

Images And Words

Live At The Marquee

Dream Theater, Vol. 2 Live & Alive


A Change Of Seasons

Falling Into Infinity

Once In A Livetime

Metropolis Pt.2: Scenes From A Memory

Through Her Eyes

Metropolis 2000: Scenes From A World Tour

Metropolis 2000

Live Scenes From New York

Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York

Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence

Heading For Planet X

In The Year 2002

World Turbulence 2002/3

Train Of Thought

Humphrey's By The Bay

The Making Of Scenes From A Memory

The Majesty Demos (1985-1986)

Tokyo Dragons

Tokyo, Japan - 10/28/95

15 Years Since When Dream And Day Unite

Train of Thought World Tour 2004

Live At Budokan

Images And Words Live In Tokyo / 5 Years In A LiveTime

Live At Budokan

Master Of Puppets - Live In Barcelona, 2002

When Dream And Day Reunite (Live)

"En Directo"


The Number Of The Beast (2002)

Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour


Dark Side Of The Moon

Dark Side Of The Moon

Awake Demos (1994)

systematic chaos

systematic chaos

Live In NYC - 1993

Falling Into Infinity Demos, 1996-1997

Made in Japan - Live (2006)

Greatest Hit (...And 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)

Chaos In Motion 2007-2008

live at Tokyo Sun Plaza

Live in Seoul

Black Clouds & Silver Linings

Train Of Thought Instrumental Demos (2003)

a dramatic turn of events

Live At Luna Park

Dream Theater

A Dramatic Tour Of Events – Select Board Mixes

Breaking The Fourth Wall

Puppies On Acid

Dying To Live Forever

The Astonishing

Metropolis Part I...Live

Time to ring some changes

Distance Over Time

Distant Memories - Live In London

A View From The Top Of The World

Images And Words - Live In Japan, 2017

Live at Wacken (2015)

Old Bridge, New Jersey (1996)

...And Beyond - Live In Japan, 2017

Live In Berlin (2019)

Images And Words Demos (1989-1991)

Distance Over Time Demos (2018)

The Making of Falling Into Infinity (1997)

When Dream And Day Unite Demos (1987-1989)

Live at Madison Square Garden (2010)

catch without arms


Duran Duran



Hammersmith '82!

Rio (2009 Collector's Edition)

Seven And The Ragged Tiger

the singles 81-85

All You Need Is Now!



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