Mr. Commitment
Mike Gayle
Flame (2000)
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Fiction / General
Paperback 9780340718261
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Duffy is engaged. He accepted Mel's proposal. But the trips to Ikea, dinner parties for couples and talk of babies are giving him itchy feet and now he's not sure if he can say goodbye to his extended adolescence and face up to that final walk down the aisle. How does he know if she's The One? Can he cope with responsibility? Does he have what it takes to become Mr Commitment? Because if he doesn't, he may just find that he's lost Mel - forever...
After twenty-eight years of shirking responsibility Duffy's finally realising that he can't extend his adolescence forever. His low-paid temping job is threatening permanency. His gradually receding hairline is depressing him greatly. And if that's not enough his long-suffering girlfriend, Mel, wants to get engaged. Trips to IKEA, dinner parties with married couples and talk of babies, however, are giving Duffy cold feet. He doesn't have many worldly goods to share - apart from the remote control for his TV, the beers in the fridge and his record collection - but can he really put his hand on his heart and say "I do'? He knows Mel's the one for him, so why is it he'd feel happier swapping "Till death us do part' for "Renewable on a four year basis'?

But the choice is: All or nothing. Now or never. Mel or no Mel.

So after a lifetime as Mr Irresponsible does Duffy have what it takes to become Mr Commitment?
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