Dinner For Two - A one-night stand with whole-life consequences
Mike Gayle
Hodder And Stoughton Ltd. (2002)
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Fiction / Family Life
Taschenbuch 9780340823422
Großbritannien  Englisch
When Dave Harding holds his friend's newborn baby, the biological clock he never knew existed starts ticking. Loudly. Which wouldn't be so bad except his partner Izzy has no nine-month plans for fat ankles or trips to Baby Gap. Then the music mag folds and Dave is temporarily forced to become Agony Uncle for 'Teen Scene'. Knee deep in the adolescent outpourings of his readership, Dave opens one letter from a girl who doesn't want advice about boys - she wants to know about Dave. Because she's convinced that Dave Harding is her dad. And she's got the facts to prove it.
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Titel des Originals Dinner For Two
Untertitel des Originals A one-night stand with whole-life consequences
Verlag des Originals Hodder And Stoughton Ltd.
Ursprungsland Großbritannien
Sprache des Originals Englisch
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