View From A Hill
Mark Burgess
Mittens On Publishing (2014)
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Paperback 9780957427013
Großbritannien  english
Includes dozens of true insider stories about music production, and anecdotes about artists such as The Smiths, Joy Division, New Order, U2 and more! In 1986, The New York Times praised The Chameleons UK's Strange Times, comparing it to The Beatles' Revolver, and critics revere it as one of the 80's best along with The Joshua Tree and Lifes Rich Pageant. The Chameleons (or The Chameleons UK in the U.S.) first signed with CBS. They were being compared to U2, The Cure, Simple Minds, and Echo and the Bunnymen, and ended up on Geffen Records after going semi-indie for a while. Manchester was spawning a wealth of bands ranging from The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets, and Happy Mondays in the 1980's, so The Chameleons seemed to be at the right place at the right time. Then, right at a perfect storm of breaking out big, The Chameleons suddenly vanished from the music scene. A View From a Hill is the complete untold story of The Chameleons and a cautionary tale of music business trickery from the clever pen of Post-Punk legend Mark Burgess, the band's lead singer. He performs Chameleons music live with Bushart and with Chameleons Vox. The Chameleons influenced bands such as Interpol, The Editors, White Lies, For Against, Blacklist, and The Horrors.

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