The Importance of Being a Bachelor
Mike Gayle
Hodder & Stoughton (2011)
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Relationships. Some people get it. The rest are men…

George and Joan Bachelor are the proud (albeit slightly disappointed) parents of three grown-up boys whose lives aren’t quite what they had hoped for…

Adam is addicted to TWKGs (The Wrong Kinds of Girls); Luke bears the scars of a savage divorce; and ‘baby’ Russell’s love life contains nothing but heartache.

When months shy of his 40th wedding anniversary George Bachelor announces he’s leaving the family home to try his hand at the single life, everything is thrown into turmoil. Now as well as sorting out their own love lives, the boys have got to sort out their parents’ too…or face losing the one thing they thought they could always count on.
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Titel des Originals The Importance of Being a Bachelor
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