Neal Morse - Falling for Forver and the Kansas Demos
Inner Circle July 2016

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CD    5 tracks  (44:44) 
   01   Find My Own Way demo             09:51
   02   All There Is For Me demo             06:31
   03   Dream Of Destiny demo             04:10
   04   Drop Of A Dime demo             04:18
   05   Falling For Forever demo             19:54
Persönliche Details
Kaufdatum 02.08.2016
Geschäft Radiant Records IC
Zustand Verpackung/Hülle neu
Audioträger-Zustand neu
Eigentümer Ali
Links Neal Morse - Inner Circle July 2016 - Falling For Forver And The Kansas Demos at Core for Music
Erst-Veröffentlichung Juli 2016
Verpackung Jewel Case
Audio-Kanäle Stereo
Extras Limited Edition
User Defined
Info-Status basis
Disc-Saver Nein
Archiv-Status 0 - to do
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