Neal Morse - Island of the Lost Keyboards (Neal's Mix)
Inner Circle CD November 2012
Radiant Records  (2012)

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CD    11 tracks  (59:23) 
   01   Blue Ocean             06:45
   02   Shoulda Coulda Woulda             04:30
   03   Kayla             05:15
   04   The Storm             04:46
   05   Forever in a Daze             03:53
   06   Love Is What I'm Waiting For             03:28
   07   Everything Changes             06:50
   08   Better Than Walking Away             04:55
   09   All Falls Down             03:18
   10   Fool in My Heart             03:47
   11   Infinite Fire             11:56
Persönliche Details
Kaufdatum 03.12.2012
Geschäft Radiant Records IC
Zustand Verpackung/Hülle neu
Eigentümer Ali
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Erst-Veröffentlichung November 2012
Verpackung Jewel Case
Audio-Kanäle Stereo
Extras Limited Edition
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Info-Status basis
Archiv-Status 3 - ripped
As with any album, there just isn't enough room for ALL parts to make the cut. This Inner Circle release contains the keyboard parts that did NOT make the cut on the "Flying Colors" CD.

Inner Circle DC: November 2012

As with any album, someone or someones decide what to leave in and what to take out. This is generally how the process works in my world: we musicians throw everything in the soup and then the producer and/or the person mixing has to make the choices about what is better or worse.

In this Inner Circle release, you will get to hear all of the keyboard parts that never made it off the cutting room floor.

I hope you enjoy it!