Flaming Row - Elinoire
Progressive Promotion Records  (2011)

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MP3    18 tracks  (79:47) 
   01   Elinoire's Theme             01:35
   02   Initiation Fugato             02:04
   03   Overture             03:04
   04   First Day             04:09
   05   Nightingale's Chirp             04:01
   06   Do You Like Country Grandpa ?             02:38
   07   Lea's Delivery             07:54
   08   Elinoire             05:34
   09   Rage Of Despair             05:51
   10   Adam's Theme             04:23
   11   Neglected Garden             03:01
   12   Time Mirror             05:46
   13   Watershed             01:52
   14   Review             05:23
   15   Unearth The Truth             06:05
   16   Father's Theme             00:29
   17   Farewell             02:30
   18   A Place To Review Your Soul             13:28
Persönliche Details
Kaufdatum 13.11.2011
Preis 3,99 €
Geschäft amazon.de
Zustand Verpackung/Hülle neu
Eigentümer Ali
Erst-Veröffentlichung 01.08.2011
Audio-Kanäle Stereo
User Defined
Info-Status basis
Archiv-Status 8 - Lyrics
List Of Voices:

Lars Begerow as 'Adam Baltwin' Human
Band: RAW

Michaela Auer as 'Lea Baltwin' Human
Band: Acoustic Schock

Jessica Schmalle as 'Elinoire Baltwin' Human
Band: Steel Protector

Sascha Habich as 'Cyrus Baltwin' Human
Band: X-Tom, Elements Of Change

Denis Brosowski as 'Zachary 'Zac' Jones' Human
Band: Iron Fate

Gary Wehrkamp as 'Conscience'
Band: Shadow Gallery

Brendt Allman as 'Liberty'
Band: Shadow Gallery

Billy Sherwood as 'Past'
Band: Circa, Ex-Yes

Jimmy Keegan as 'Season'
Band: Spock's Beard

Michael Lowin as 'Death'
Band: Cast In Silence

Kim Spillner as 'Rage'
Band: Worst

Kiri Geile as 'Destiny'
Band: Steel Protector

Martin Schnella as 'Spirit'
Band: Cast In Silence, Steel Protector

Anne Trautmann as 'Love'
Band: Seven Steps To The Green Door

Sandra Thielemann as 'Time'
Band: No Case In Point

Markus Funke as 'Forgiveness'
Band: Markus Funke Band