Tangerine Dream - Livemiles

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CD    2 tracks  (57:06) 
   01   Livemiles 1 (The Albuquerque Concert)             29:53
   02   Livemiles 2 (The West-Berlin Concert)             27:13
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Erst-Veröffentlichung 1988
Katalognummer 8.26825
Verpackung Jewel Case
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Audio-Kanäle Stereo
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... The material recorded by Tangerine Dream during their concerts in 1986/1987, appeared in 1988 on the live album Livemiles, which was the last production for the Jive Electro label. Part one, which is well over 30 minutes long, was recorded during a concert in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and part two (more than 27 minutes long) was recorded at an open air festival for the 750th anniversary of the city of Berlin. The appearance at Platz der Republik (Republic Square) in West Berlin, attended by 40.000 fans, probably remains, for many fans, one of the most outstanding events that Tangerine Dream would contribute to in the eighties. This performance was also the last appearance of Christopher Franke.

The bootleg version of LiveMiles is not a recording of the original concert in Berlin. For legal reasons, Tangerine Dream could not release the whole concert, but had to cut out certain parts. As Edgar explained in a 1989 interview: “Unreleased material was not the only thing played during the live concerts. As usual, a number official releases were also played and even music that had sometimes been locked away in the safes belonging to film production companies. For the release of LiveMiles, we had to use certain sequences and sections which were legally available to us.”
Christopher, Edgar's musical co-worker for many years, left Tangerine Dream the day after the concert in Berlin, on August, 2 1987. Feeling overworked, he separated from Tangerine Dream in 1987, in an effort to reclaim his non-existent private life and to regain new sense of musical ingenuity. ... [http://www.tangerinedream-music.com/discography_long5.php]