*v.a. tribute - Subdivisions: A Tribute To Rush
Progressive Rock

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CD    11 tracks  (63:21) 
   01   Distant Early Warning   Randy Jackson, Daniel J.           04:53
   02   Lakeside Park   Sebastian Bach, Daniel J.           06:45
   03   Limelight   Kip Winger, Andreas Kisser           06:10
   04   Subdivisions   Randy Jackson, Dominic Cifarelli, Jeff Feldman           07:49
   05   Different Strings   Robert Berry           05:03
   06   Tom Sawyer   Sebastian Bach, Dominic Cifarelli, Jeff Feldman           04:56
   07   Bastille Day   Jani Lane, Dave Brooks, Alex Skolnick           06:35
   08   A Farewell To Kings   Randy Jackson, Andreas Kisser           06:51
   09   The Spirit Of Radio   Kip Winger, Jeff Stinco           05:39
   10   Didacts And Narpets   Mike Mangini           01:09
   11   2112 Overture -The Temples Of Sy Rinx   Jani Lane, Dave Brooks, Vinnie More           07:31
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Verpackung Jewel Case
Audio-Kanäle Stereo
Extras Compilation; Tribute
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